Firefly Squids in Toyama Bay, Japan

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Toyama Bay is a bay located on the northern shores of Honshu, Japan. The bay borders Toyama and Ishikawa prefectures. The bay is known for the mirages on the horizon during the winter months and for being a spawning ground for the firefly squid.It is also one of Japan's three largest bays

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Walking along Toyama Bay in the central Japan Sea at night can be an amazing experience for some. From March to June each year, massive numbers of a bioluminescent species of squid litter the shoreline, creating a mystical, sparkling blue trail.

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From Tokyo - For those who can't afford the ShinkansenToyama Chihou Testsudo runs a few highway buses to Toyama Station from Toyko each day. They can be boarded at a bus stop outside the west exit of Shinjuku Station or outside the east exit of Ikebukuro Station. Price ranges for a one-way ticket range from ¥6,200 to ¥8,200 based on days of peak usage. Site in Japanese only

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